Dennis Bond – Series

A Prolific Digital Production

An online exclusive, Dennis Bond is a comedy series based around an average “Joe” who plans to start his own spy network after countless rejections from some of the worlds most prestigious intitutions.

This project is a low budget independent series funded by private investors and Prolific Digital.


“After writing for various years, I started to have a vision of forming a web series based on one of my ideas. Most writers do well to get the ideas out of their heads and onto a format they can share with others. After all, what good is an idea if you keep it to yourself?

The problem was, where could I go to transform my writings into a visual format? Where could I see my ideas play out digitally, with the kind of quality expected of a major studio?

I certainly was not going to move to Hollywood. And even if I COULD afford the expensive equipment, I had no experience operating it or editing it.

That’s when I met with the team at Prolific Digital. I was nervous at first sharing my thought’s and ideas with people that had way more experience than I did at making idea’s come to life. Through Prolific Digital I was able to work closely with a talented team to help guide me in the direction I desired for my web series.

The atmosphere during the meetings, filming, and post work were casual and professional. Prolific Digital did a great job encouraging me and challenging me at the same time to get the best ideas out there.”

Prolific Digital  understands the passion that other artists have, and creates a welcome venue to drive those ideas and creativity forward to the next level.