ecoStax – Branding

They needed identity

Chicago based technology startup company, ecoStax is focused on human living spaces and home innovation, not automation.

ecoStax is going to make a huge impact on our planet using little or no resources by implementing renewable energy tactics fused with cutting edge technology systems.

The company needed a logo and identity, who knew that just 3 columns split into 2 segments each would allow this company to be recognized by just a symbol.

The initial concept for this design, relate to the name and convey unity. Symmetry helps to convey unity, but we also wanted to show how segmented humanities current approach to our living space is. By “stacking” asymmetrical pieces to form symmetry was just the right trick in this case.

During the early phases, ecoStax requested a promotional video to help gain movement throughout the world by briefly speaking about their ideas and concepts.

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