Sõl Perry – Music & Fitness

Web Design

Offering music lessons, personal training, & nutritional guidance. Sõl Perry started his venture in 2012 and sought out our services to help his business reach new customers, as well as keep existing customers in the loop.

This clients site was built with dynamic content in mind, meaning that the client has the ability to login and update the site himself. Structure and design was the primary scope of the project, all of the text and imagery on the site has been styled and formatted by the client.

Go check out his site at www.solperry.com



My website (www.solperry.com) was created from scratch by Chris Miller who is a creative that specializes in video, photo, design, and web design services.Easy to work with, top notch quality, brimming with cool ideas, I LOVE the website and his videos are a MUST SEE.

I wanted something a bit different than your average fitness OR music site. It was a challenge to incorporate two different passions of mine into a cohesive site, but Chris Miller came through in spades.

Chris Miller helped me bring my business to the next level and my presence in the digital medium has exploded. Often I am out and about with my wife and random people will come up to me who recognize from the site. Everyone mentions how they love the site.

Chris Miller has been there for me when I needed him, I have no problem giving Chris my highest recommendation. My site has never went down and he stays on top of keeping everything running smooth and easy so I can concentrate on the content and my business.

Thanks Chris Miller!